How to deal with difficult relatives at Christmas

Seven ways to take the tension out of family get-togethers at Christmas.

By Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne
There's nothing like Christmas Day with the family to bring out the worst in us.
You've spent the build-up meeting crazy Christmas deadlines at work, braving heaving malls to shop for presents and spending more time in the kitchen than is good for you preparing festive dishes.
Now you're forced to face uncles, aunts or siblings that you've been avoiding all year.
Long-held resentments can resurface and childhood behaviours come to the fore.
Christmas Day can be fraught for many, but you can change that if you think ahead about how you're going to behave, and then take charge of yourself and your emotions on the day.
In this video, body language expert Suzanne Masefield from The Body Language Company at Think Success gives us seven clear steps to follow to ensure you enjoy Christmas this year with your relatives.
You might even improve your relationship with them!