He’s got text appeal

To flirt in writing is something lots of people enjoy but I wonder what we used to do before text messaging and Facebook? I guess we had to write poetry and love letters then post them, which must have made for a long drawn-out romance…

Dear Wendyl,Just before Christmas, a guy I thought was just a friend started text flirting with me. The problem is that every time I see or Flirt he just acts normally, like a friend, but then when I get home, the texts start again. Am I misreading the situation? Is he not flirting with me at all? He can be quite explicit in the texts and we often send up to 80 texts a day! oy friends think I’m crazy and should stop, but I like it. I just wonder if he’ll ever make a move. What do you think?Amy, email


Dear Amy,Text flirting is a marvellous invention. Even an old married woman like me enjoys a bit of text flirting – with my husband, of course. There’s something about text flirting that makes it naughty and mysterious and therefore fun.

You didn’t mention whether or Flirt is in a relationship, so I’m going to assume he isn’t and also that he is either very shy or a bit of a sick puppy. Let’s go with the shy option first. Take the lead and arrange to meet him away from your social group – nothing serious, just a coffee or a drink after work. And put it on the line. Are you seriously interested or just fooling around?

A bit of gentle leading by the nose, and all could end well. If he’s a sick puppy, he’ll deny it all, use phrases like “you’ve got the wrong idea” and then you know it’s time to cease all texts. If anything like this ever becomes a problem you can take steps through your cellphone service to block messages. But I’m sure texting will soon be just a small part of your romance!Wendyl

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