Gemma McCaw's touching Father's Day tribute

''And now as I see my husband with our little girl, I witness the love and pride beaming from his face every day. She really is the apple of his eye.''

By Gemma McCaw
When Dad pulled out a handwritten note that I'd written to him as a child and read it aloud on my wedding day, it was a great reminder that it's the small moments in life that really matter.
I was so touched that Dad had tucked it away for over 20 years and that he'd obviously felt it was a special memento to treasure.
And now as I see my husband Richie with our little girl, I witness the love and pride beaming from his face every day. She really is the apple of his eye.
So let's celebrate the dads, stepdads, father figures and those no longer with us this Father's Day, taking a moment to be grateful for all the wonderful men in our lives.

Make a date

There's no substitute for spending quality time with someone you love. Choose something your dad (or the man in your life) loves doing and join him, whether it's a round of golf, a walk on the beach or a drink at the pub. I know how much my dad loves it when I go fishing with him or out for dinner, just the two of us.

Do the chores

Make your dad's life a little easier by taking care of something he's usually in charge of. Encourage the kids to wash the car, rake up the leaves or give him the night off and cook him a delicious dinner.

Be available

Try not to limit your love to Father's Day – we should be showing our dads we care all year round. And if you live far away, stay in touch! A phone call or text message shows someone you're thinking of them. There's nothing as valuable as the gift of time.

Melting moment

Men often miss out on affection, but they need love and care just as much as women. Don't be afraid to give your dad a hug, put a reassuring arm around his shoulders and tell him, "I love you". Giving and receiving love is good for the soul.

Handmade gifts are the best gifts

Father's Day doesn't have to be about expensive gifts. A handwritten note, handmade card or even a text message where we express our love and gratitude can often mean more than a last-minute present. Get the kids into the kitchen and make a cake together for Dad, or pull out the paints and encourage them to make him an artwork he'll treasure for years to come.

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