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The Woman’s Day team headed out to lunch to create their own burgers at McDonald’s. With one team member a vegetarian and another that is a very picky eater, everyone could create exactly what they wanted! These are the four burgers they came up with:

A: Keren’s burger is influenced by her love of American diner style food, and bacon of course. Swiss cheese,100% NZ Angus pattie, crispy bacon, tomato, red onion and lettuce with barbecue sauce is a combo you should try out!

B: Janina’s philosophy: take everything required for an amazing Kiwi barbecue breakfast and put it in a burger! When you create yours just take everything you love from a big breakfast like egg, bacon, mushroom, caramelised grilled onion and tomato and put it on a burger!

C: Take some inspiration from Jess if you’re in need of a vegetarian option. She’s opted for a lettuce wrap and packed it full of egg, guacamole, red onion and grilled mushroom. There’s lots of flavour with shaved parmesan, jalapeńos and chipotle mayo.

D: Why go for the usual burger ingredients when you can create your own burger and make it different! Try Alice’s combo of Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and caramelised onions. Herb aioli tops it all off.

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