Eight ways to get your kids off their screens and out into nature

Take your kids to one of New Zealand's beautiful beaches this Autumn and keep the games flowing!

By Now To Love with Subaru
In the digital world we live in, one of parents' greatest daily battles is getting their kids to put down their devices. Having fun family activities planned in advance can make all the difference.
Subaru wants to show Kiwi families that their next adventure need only be a car ride away. They sent mother of three Tarryn Donaldson and her family (husband Ryan and their three gorgeous kids Kylan, Arden and baby Millen) off in a Subaru Forester, so the family could enjoy a fun-filled day at one of New Zealand's beautiful beaches.
Here are eight ways to recreate their day with your family this Autumn:
Tarryn Donaldson with husband Ryan and their kids Kylan, Arden and baby Millen.

1. The fun starts in the car

On the way to the beach, play this game: Someone picks a letter and the first person to spot the letter (in a sign, on a number plate, etc) wins! Start with the easy letters if you've got young kids, then make them trickier. Eye spy is another game that younger kids love.

2. Beach bowls

Once you've arrived at the beach, engage the kids in a fun game of beach bowls.
Dig three holes in the sand and have the kids roll their ball towards the hole, the first person to get the ball in wins.
Make the holes various widths or distances away for an added challenge!

3. Make a fort

Find sticks on the beach and use rope or string to create a roof with towels, then decorate with seaweed or shells. A fort will also keep your family sun safe!

4. Beach art

Using shells, seaweed, sticks and stones, have your kids create beach art. They can make seahorses or fish shapes, or create a 2D version of their dream beach castle.

5. Sand 'n' spoon race

Scoop up a spoonful of dry sand onto a dessert spoon and place a shell on top of it, then have the kids race from one line to another without knocking the shell off.

6. Beach jenga

Create your own version of the classic kids' game Jenga, only using items you find at the beach, like driftwood and stones.

7. Beach journal

Give each of your children a notebook to record their day at the beach. They could draw pictures of the beach, describe what they see in the rock pools or take photos of any wildlife and then write about them.

8. Get the family talking

On the ride home get the family talking about what their favourite part about the day was. What was their biggest surprise? What activities would they add next time? Ask them to share their ideas on where you could all go together next. Favourite movies, songs or books are also great conversation starters.

Start your family adventure today!

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