Disney dad creates amazing costumes for wife and kids

These costumes are something truly special.

Disney costumes
A father in the US is making his children's lives that bit more colourful - by designing the most beautiful Disney inspired costumes for them.
Nephi Garcia, from Florida, is a designer by trade - and has now quit his day job in order to create custom Disney outfits to order.
The family regularly visit Disney World dressed in Nephi's designs, that he creates for Lili, six, Eddy, two, Leo, one and his wife Bethanie, 27.
And 32-year-old Nephi says he loves his new life as a stay at home designer, as it means he can spend more time at home with his wife and kids.
Within days of launching his business Designer Daddy, Nephi had a backlog of orders for two years. But with custom dresses that start at $500 US for kids and $1000 US for adults, this is certainly a treat many parents won't be able to afford.
The good news? Designer Daddy is in talks to launch a mass produced, economical line of costumes that are available to all. Check out his online shop here