Dad turns his life around and loses 158kg for his son

At his heaviest he had made a goodbye video.

In late 2013 Florida dad Zach Moore read the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss to his son, Zach Jr., and decided to film the moment. Moore thought it would be his last Christmas with his family. He weighed 226kg and was afraid his weight would kill him.

“We filmed it so that Zach Jr. could grow up with memories to remember his dad by,” Moore told the Daily Mail. “I truly felt like my life was coming to an end. I knew it was near. It’s not a good feeling knowing that all you have left to offer your family is memories.”

But he wanted to see his son grow up and be there for his wife Amber, 30, and Moore knew there was nothing for it but to change his life. It wasn’t going to be easy: Moore was having trouble doing everyday things.

“I was having issues walking, breathing, and getting around every day… I also had issues while sleeping and had to use a lot medication for health concerns, along with a lot of visits to the doctor,” he told the Daily Mail. He says he had a 70-inch waist and his muscles had began to waste away from years of inactivity.

Moore started with the basics to get healthy. He quit smoking, stopped drinking soda, and started walking at least 10,000 steps a day. With just small changes, he lost 50kg in 100 days. He was then able to get gastric bypass surgery to help him continue his weight loss journey.

He was proud of his hard work, but disappointed with the excess skin he had from years of being obese. So far, Moore has had 10 surgeries to remove excess skin, including a tummy tuck, a butt lift, breast reduction with a nipple reconstruction, belly button correction and muscle repair. He says he still wants to have upper thigh and upper arm skin removal, and right now he’s fundraising to have surgery to remove the excess skin on his thighs.

“It’s hard to go clothes shopping for shorts and pants. I have a lot of issues with my thighs and upper arms. Some day I’m hoping my skin removal surgery will be complete,” he told the Daily Mail. “It will help complete my journey and make me feel a lot better about myself.”

Now weighing 68kg, his journey isn’t complete, but Moore says he’s happy just to be able to do everyday things such as driving a car, sitting in an airplane seat, and going on field trips with Zach Jr.

“I’m even able to do more daring things like 5km runs, going to the gym, and heading to the beach and theme parks with my family,” he said. “I’m just so much more confident.”

It wasn’t too long ago that Moore thought he wouldn’t be around for his family. The weight is gone, but he still has reminders of his past — not just his loose skin, but the video he once made for his son when he thought he was going to die.

“I watch that video all the time. It’s brought me to tears thinking I was so close to not being here. Because I fought so hard, I can now tell my story to others.”

Via Woman’s World

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