Dad celebrates moment he reaps rewards of parenthood

He's waited 13 years for this.
Dad reaches peak parenthood

Dad reaches peak parenthood

Parents spend years raising their kids; teaching them life skills, manners, how to get on in the world.

But as a result, it means they have a pretty busy job on their hands, with the hard and fast rewards sometimes difficult to spot.

Every so often however, something happens that makes you realise just how worthwhile the whole process is – and one dad shared such an experience on Imgur.

Sharing a snap of himself reclining in a hammock, beer in hand and sunnies on, in the background his son can be seen arduously mowing the lawn.

“I waited 13 years for this moment,” he captioned the snap, which quickly hit the front page of the image sharing site.

Jokes were quick to comment on the posts, with one writing: “Thirteen years a slave,” as others commented on how long the grass hadn’t been cut for.

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