Chelsea Winter shares an adorable first picture of her baby - and he's so scrumptious you could eat him

What a little sweetie!

Celebrity chef Chelsea Winter has shared an adorable first photo of her new baby son, Sky.
The first-time mum posted the image on social media and captioned it very simply with the words, "Baby Sky says hello".

Winter gave birth to Sky at home and announced the news on Instagram on July 8, saying: "Say hello to little Sky Leonardo Renall. He was born at home as planned, in a hurry to get here (only about 1.5 hours of established labour says my awesome midwife) a healthy bundle of pure deliciousness.
"Mama and Papa are kind of bamboozled how they somehow created something so perfect. #mindblown... Oh, and Mama is doing super well too."

The arrival of baby Sky has come as a sweet blessing for the celebrity chef, whose life has undergone a complete transformation in the last 18 months.
After announcing the end of her five-year marriage to husband Mike Bullot in late 2018 and relocating from Auckland to Mt Maunganui, Chelsea took a leap of faith and travelled to France to reconnect with her childhood sweetheart, winemaker Douglas Renall. It was while she was staying with him in a chateau outside of Bordeaux that the couple found out they were pregnant.
Chelsea told Woman's Day she had never forgotten Douglas, who she'd gone to primary school with in Kumeu, west Auckland, even though 25 years had elapsed.
"I was in awe of him," Chelsea revealed. "He's tall and handsome now, and he was back then too! We were each other's first kiss."
When they reconnected in France she knew they shared something special.
"It all very much feels like fate," she told the publication. "It's important to listen to your heart because it really does feel like we are meant to be together – it's just a knowing."
The day she found out she was pregnant was "an amazing moment".
"We were both so deeply happy."
Chelsea announced her pregnancy news in March with a very sweet pun-filled Instagram post:
"Get ready for my sweetest creation yet...​because there's currently a little Chelsea Bun baking away in the oven!"

Chelsea and Douglas moved into their new home in the Bay of Plenty this year, just in time for the arrival of baby Sky.
"Sitting there together and gazing out at the Mount with this sense of peace all around us, we both feel like we've arrived at the start of a new adventure," she told NEXT magazine.
Chelsea told NEXT that she planned to stay "coccooned in" for the first 40 days of Sky's new life to promotes rest and allow him to be "strengthened" by the energy of his parents.
"It might seem a bit hocus pocus to some, but it's just something that resonates with us. If you can imagine the energy of zooming around in a car or being in a supermarket with noise and bright lights... those things are pretty new in the scheme of human evolution and bloody intense for a baby. So we'll be at home for those 40 days, with just the core family unit visiting."