The photo of Art and Matilda Green's baby that is making everyone forget their worries

We believe he can fly!

Where uncertainty and fear prevail, we look for beacons of hope where we can.
And today, as New Zealand prepares to go into full lockdown to fight the spread of Covid-19, they come in the form of Art Green's baby Milo and his luminous ears.
Proud dad Art posted this photo of son Milo in full glow mode on social media, writing "His ears light up when he's happy and when Orcs are close." (Referencing the creatures from Lord Of The Rings.)
"Love this kid," he concludes.
And we love that Art shared this picture with us.
Art's followers did too:
"That's a good skill to have, especially in Orc-Land," one person commented.
"Love this my beautiful boy has those same delicious ears that light the way," commented another.
"He is so cute!! At least he has no idea of what's going on around him 💕" said a third, amidst a deluge of well wishes to Art and his little Green family.

This is not the first time The Bachelorette NZ host and his wife Matilda Green, who met and fell in love on New Zealand's first season of The Bachelor NZ, have delighted the rest of New Zealand with snaps from their family album.
In mid-March the couple attended their first wedding with baby Milo and Art cheekily revealed that Milo "pretty much nailed it" when it came to standard wedding guest etiquette.
"He drank too much, cried during the speeches and then had to be carried home - classic wedding antics."

And in the lead-up to Christmas Matilda posted to Instagram the most adorable photo showing Milo's heart-shaped bald patch on the back of his head.
"Just when I thought he couldn't be any more perfect, he goes and gets a bald patch in the shape of a heart on the back of his head," Matilda wrote.

Baby Milo was born in a home birth at the couple's Warkworth home in September last year, with Matilda announcing the happy news on social media with the message, "He's heeeeere!"
A power cut struck during his delivery and Matilda used only breathing techniques to "remain calm and strong throughout", reported Art, who got to deliver baby Milo.

Speaking to Woman's Day eight weeks after Milo's arrival the couple – who celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Valentines Day in February – said they had found their parenting rhythm.
"We are loving being parents," beams Art. "Every day is different and just when you think you've got it nailed, we'll have a day where he throws a bit of a curve ball and that day brings us back to earth with a bump.
"Yet we're just so in awe of this guy that every tough day is totally worth it. Milo's the biggest sweetheart and Matty and I feel so lucky he's all ours."