All Black captain Kieran Read's tip for getting your kids to eat less sugar

As a dad of three with an All Blacks diet, Kieran Read knows how to make sure his kids are eating well.

All Black captain Kieran Read lives on a pretty strict diet to stay in shape for his busy touring schedule. But it is what his kids eat that he is really focused on. This is what the 31 year old does to keep Elle (6), Eden (5) and one-year-old Reuben away from the lollies.
"Keeping healthy snacks in the house, and in the car, is a great way to limit your child's sugar intake. Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks are great, but also just easy things such as apples and bananas, that are convenient and tasty.
"You can literally grab them from the fruit bowl and go! I think getting them to fill up on healthy things is the best way to avoid them craving less healthy foods. But I am definitely a fan of moderation, and not being too strict on kids, so the odd treat is a must. But it should just be a treat!"

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