Agony Aunt: Write move?

Knowing that there is someone out there you are related to but have never met can eat away at you. What do they look like? Would you get on? There's only one way to find out....

Dear Wendyl,

I’m really confused about what I should do. I’m an only child and have always known my dad had another child before he met my mum. I’ve seen a few pictures of him – he’s five years older than me. Even though Dad’s kept in contact with him by letter, he lives over in Australia and I’ve never met him.

Now I’m 18, I want to get in touch with my half-brother. I have his address, but something is stopping me from writing that letter. Maybe I’m afraid he won’t want to know me, and my dad doesn’t seem very supportive, but he says he won’t stop me. Do you have any advice?

Amy, Palmerston North

Dear Amy,

From where I’m sitting, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yet I understand your concern that you might get hurt if he doesn’t want to know you. Why not take the attitude that sending a letter is the start of an adventure that could have a wonderful outcome, or just an outcome, or perhaps no outcome at all? Either way

it’s exciting, isn’t it? I believe that finding someone out there who is so much a part of you is an important thing to do so write that letter, post it off and open yourself up to a wonderful opportunity.

  • Wendyl

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