Adorable 3-year-old Brielle shows off science smarts on Ellen

Most adults would struggle to remember all (if not most) of the elements on the periodic table, let alone a three-year-old!

Introducing periodic table expert Brielle, whose family uploaded a video of her to Ellentube earlier this month, so Ellen DeGeneres invited her on the show to exhibit her serious science smarts.
Aside from being brighter than most, she’s incredibly adorable.
Watch Brielle sit down for a chat with Ellen, telling the host that she knows all her states and capitals, periodic table of elements, all her countries in Europe and Africa, and also the presidents of the United States.
When asked if she can read, Brielle confidently says "not yet, but I'm sounding out words." So cute!
Check out this clip of Brielle being tested on the elements by Ellen - she really knows her stuff!