10 rainy day boredom buster ideas for kids

Ideas to cure the whole family’s rainy-day blues and keep the kids entertained while ensconced inside.

The words 'I'm bored' are commonly uttered on rainy days. Here are some ideas to keep the kids entertained on those days when everyone is stuck inside.

1 Make a blanket fort

Create a blanket fort and snuggle inside to watch some movies while snacking on homemade popcorn and s'mores. For a little variation you could even pitch your tent inside and lay out sleeping bags as the perfect set-up for cosy viewing.

2 Have a dance party

Have a dance party inside with karaoke and 'DJs'. Get the hairbrushes out as makeshift microphones and provide small prizes for funky dance moves.

3 Play dress up

Dress up and put on a fashion show. You could even be brave and let your children dress you and do your hair and make-up!

4 Throw a surprise party

Decorate the house and put out some treats, then invite one or two of your kids' friends round. Answer the door with balloons and confetti in hand.

5 Do some indoor gardening

Make an indoor herb garden or terrarium. Buy the plants from your local garden shop and recycle accessories from your home, such as old chipped cups, to use as pots.

6 Write letters

Write a letter to friends, teachers or family. Grandma would greatly appreciate a hand-written note.

7 Have a spa day

Have a spa day with face masks, bathrobes and cucumber slices for your eyes. Paint each other's nails.

8 Have a photoshoot

Make some memories with an indoor photoshoot then print out the pictures and create a gallery wall, adding in any recent artworks.

9 Have an art day

Turn your dining table into an art station. What you and your crew create is up to your imagination! For instance: colouring, drawing, playdough, scrapbooking, painting rocks, making jewellery, creating a time capsule or tie-dyeing. A search on Pinterest will provide you with some how-to guides and many other ideas, too.

10 Have a treasure hunt

Hold a treasure hunt at home. Create a treasure map, write clues, hide a special prize and let the children hunt it out. Then get the kids to have a go at making their own!

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