10 amazing parenting hacks you need this summer

The school holidays are just around the corner - make them hassle free with these great parenting tips from those in the know.

Parenting – it’s no walk in the park. And with the kids set to be unleashed from schools for six weeks come December, it’s time to get prepping for chaos.

Luckily, these parents have shared some ingenious hacks to help you keep the kids entertained – with minimal mess. Check out the top tips, all via Buzzfeed.

Put a container inside the bath so your kid can play with their toys easily.

A tent filled with sand might seem fussy, but it’s a good way to shield them from the summer sun while keeping them busy.

Going camping? Remember to take a pizza cutter with you to cut foods into kid sized pieces.

A shoe rack hung over the back of car seats makes a great organiser for long journeys. Pop in all their favourite toys, gadgets and books.

Throwing away your pizza boxes? Save them up and use them for finger painting sessions.

Likewise, a cardboard box is a great way to confine your little artist to drawing – so they don’t ruin the wallpaper.

One of our faves – using a shoerack on the back of a door to plan out outfits for the week. Such a good time saver.

Tie hair bands around something you use every day, like your watch, so you always have one on hand when a little one (or you) needs it.

If their toys are getting grubby, stick them in the dishwasher for a quick disinfect.

Are you children afraid of monsters? Give them some courage to fight them by giving them some water in a spray bottle, labelled as monster spray.

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