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How you can help your teen pass their driver's license test

Tips and advice from an AA chief driving instructor.

By Karyn Henger
Most teens can't wait to get their driver's license and sit their learner's theory test as soon as they turn 16.
Learning to drive an actual vehicle is the hard part, and AA Driving School chief driving instructor Bruce Fox suggests parents don't take their teen on those first few lessons - not because we can't be great teachers, but because our knowledge can be outdated and we may have formed bad driving habits. Ahem.
Arrange for your teen to have some professional lessons, he advises, and sit in the back seat during the lesson so you can repeat the same messaging when you take them out to practise.
IN THIS VIDEO: Fox gives advice on how parents can help their teen build their confidence on the road. He talks us through the specific driving skills that learner drivers need to have mastered to pass their driving tests - as well as what they can be failed on.
Oh, and one more thing - Fox has taught hundreds of learner drivers over the years and says ONE GENDER has proven to be BETTER at driving than the other. Watch our video to find out which.