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How to get your baby to sleep for longer than 45 minutes

Break the catnapping habit.

By Karyn Henger
At around six weeks it's common for babies to start waking every 45 minutes and not resettling. Before they happily napped for 90 minutes or longer, so why?
Catnapping is a normal part of a baby's sleep development - and sometimes a quick 45-minute nap is all your baby needs - but catnapping can become a bad habit that can lead to crankier and more unsettled awake times, says Baby Sleep Consultant Cherene Daley.
There are many benefits for your baby when they have longer sleeps, too, Daley says.
In this video Daley talks us through baby sleep cycles, how to help your baby learn to resettle and sleep for longer periods, and what the benefits to your baby are of longer nap times.
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