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WATCH: Cruise ship hit by 9m waves

This is terrifying to watch.

We are going to warn you - you might want to avoid watching this video if you get sea sick.
Filmed by crew member Stephen Burke, this terrifying footage from on board the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that ran into high winds and rough seas in the Atlantic Ocean in February 2016 has only just emerged.
The Anthem Of The Seas, carrying more than 4500 guests and 1600 crew members, was hit by rough weather while travelling from New Jersey to Port Canaveral in Florida, and was forced to turn back.
The video, which was posted on YouTube and on Reddit, was filmed by from the third deck of the ship.
In the clip, one person can be heard saying: "we're just staying in one place, hoping not to die".
Another person says: "Jesus Christ man. We're underwater, under the third floor".
The trip was scheduled as a week-long round-trip from New Jersey to Florida and the Bahamas, but it was cut short by the horrific weather conditions.
Four people were injured during the shortened trip, and the cruise line gave passengers a full refund.