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Viral fame dad gives follow up interview with whole family

Professor Robert Kelly went viral over the weekend, after his children gatecrashed his live interview with the BBC.

The professor who went viral last weekend due to his children interrupting his Skype interview has given a follow up, this time with his whole family invited to the occasion.
Kelly, who is an expert on South Korean politics, was joined by his wife, Jung-a Kim, and children Marion and James, who all appeared in the background of his BBC interview uninvited.
The clip went viral after the Professor's eldest daughter Marion entered the room, joyously danced over to her dad, and he pushed her away firmly, all while trying to continue with the interview.
She was then joined by baby James, who wheeled himself in through the open door. Mum Jung-a Kim came careering round the corner when she realised what had happened, dragging the children out of shot.
"It was very nice to talk to you properly, and be able to talk to you," the BBC interviewer told the family, before asking Jung-a how she had found the backlash.
"It's been a little bit stressful," the mum-of-two told him, before her husband added that they were worried they'd blown their relationship with the prestigious news channel over the debacle.
"We laughed a lot, but we were worried," the mum added.
The reporter waded into the more uncomfortable race side of the backlash, talking about how many viewers assumed Jung-a was the kids' nanny.
And the biggest question: Was Robert Kelly wearing pants under the desk? Turns out, he was.