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This is the weirdest Mother’s Day ad you’ll ever see

Skittles have taken the mother-son relationship to a whole other level.

US candy company Skittles have just released what will probably be remembered as the strangest Mother’s Day ad in history.
In case you can’t bring yourself to watch the ad above, here’s a précis of what takes place.
Picture this: a mother and her grown son are sitting on a couch sharing a bag of Skittles. As the mother pops the candy into her mouth, her son guesses the flavour of each piece.
What comes next though is the stuff of nightmares.
As the camera pans down it reveals the son and mother are connected by a large umbilical cord. As the mum eats the candy, the son ‘tastes’ the flavours – complete with weird, squishy umbilical sounds.
If we haven’t lost you there, there’s the creepy closing of the son saying “I miss dad” then the pair both laughing.
Skittles aren’t shy about making strange ads. Previous campaigns have centred on a whole raft of weird ideas including one which shows teens sharing the contagious condition known as 'Skittle Pox'.