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South Auckland boy needs 100 stitches after dog attack

A south Auckland boy has been left with horrific facial injuries, after being attacked by his uncle’s dog over the weekend.

Dog in a cage
Darnell Minarapa-Brown was pinned down and attacked by a pitbull in Takanini on Saturday, sustaining massive facial injuries.
The 7-year-old needed more than 100 facial stitches after the incident, and had to have a metal plate inserted into his fractured nose and cheek. He may never regain movement in his upper lip.
Dog owner Henare Carroll, the boy’s uncle, said he is ‘shattered’ by what happened, and has been unable to visit Darnell in hospital for fear he will break down.
“I’m just feeling really shattered, because it’s my fault,” Henare told the Herald.
The 3-year-old pitbull Caesar attacked Darnell when the youngster jumped on a bed near him – giving him a fright. He was surrendered by Henare after the attack, and is being held at the Manukau animal shelter while the attack is investigated.
The New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons has now called for education, licensing and even a ban on breeding certain dangerous dogs.
President of the association, Dr Sally Langley, said they’re seeing injuries like these about twice a week.
“These children suffer pain and severe physical and psychological trauma…Many need multiple operations and suffer permanent and severe scarring,” she said in a statement.
In 2016 alone, there have been half a dozen serious dog attacks in New Zealand. Many of the victims who sustain the most serious injuries are children, due to them being in an easier position to sustain facial damage.