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Rolf Harris writes vile new song in prison taunting vicitms

Disgraced entertainer, Rolf Harris, who is currently serving jail time for a raft of historic sexual abuse crimes, has allegedly written a song taunting sex abuse victims.

According to The Sun, the jailed paedophile has penned a track called Gutter Girls, and said he has plans to release it once he gets out.
Its lyrics include: “Sleeping in the daytime, lying every night. She’s scheming screaming bloody rape. And she’s got you in her sight.”
A source said when Harris wasn’t painting murals and teaching other inmates about art, he was scribbling down stuff that he wants to record when he's been freed from jail.
The Australian ex-pat, now serving time in England at Her Majesty’s Prison Stafford for sex crimes against girls, has written at least 15 songs and plans to release in an album called Justice For All.
The song has been called “massively offensive” by Liz Dux, lawyer for his victims from his first trial.
Harris, who is currently serving a sentence of five years and nine months, is still to face trial for eight more alleged crimes.
Gutter Girls’ lyrics:
Some toothless little strumpet / From down old Gutter Street / She’s a wolf in fine sheep’s clothing / With nothing on her feet / Pretty in her heydey / But that’s fifty years ago / Now she’s back on Gutter Street / And she’s coming for your dough / what she wants is instant justice / But she’s in it for the cash / Better dance now little baby / There’s celebrities to bash / Sleeping in the daytime / Lying every night / She’s scheming screaming bloody rape / And she’s got you in her sight