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Reporter falls into pool during live interview at Commonwealth Games

He made quite a splash while on the air!

A BBC reporter took a very unexpected plunge while interviewing members of England's swim team at the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday.
Reporter Mike Bushell, live on air, was sitting on the pool edge when he decided to move over to speak to one of the athletes. However, he didn't realise how deep the pool actually was and tumbled into it.
"I didn't see the step! Sorry about that," Bushell exclaimed after the incident.
The soaking wet reporter tried to compose himself and get the interview back on track but the English swimmers failed to do likewise and broke down in fits of giggles.
The interview was then cut short when it became apparent that the reporter's microphone was no longer working after the plunge.
Bushell later told his BBC colleagues that he didn't realise how deep the pool was. "I just thought it was a little Jacuzzi or a kid's pool. I didn't realise there was a step there."