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New social platform brings together 'orphans' on Christmas Day

It’s like Tinder but for Christmas!

A new social network has been created with the community in mind, to make sure no one spends Christmas Day alone.
Founders behind the social initiative Orphans Christmas want to bring people together who might not have anywhere to go on December 25.
The site first launched in Australia last year, and this year it’s throwing open its virtual doors all those looking for new friends or an adopted family to share the day’s festivities.
Created by friends, Colleen McCutcheon, Lara Ozdirik and Juliet Potter, the charity-minded trio are concerned for those might be isolated or alone on Christmas Day.
“There are many who, for a multitude of reasons, don’t have a place to go at this special time of year – from expats, students and travellers to divorces, the homeless and the elderly.
“The Orphan Christmas website was created as a means to meet and invite others to your own Christmas shindig or connect to others who may also be alone, creating your very own celebrations together,” the website states.
So how does it work? First you’ll need to register. If you’re hosting an event, simply share the details and if anyone is interested, they’ll get in touch to make arrangements.
The site also focuses on giving back to the wider community and encourages all those taking part in an ‘Orphans Christmas’ to donate to local charities.