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Love posting about your diet and fitness routine? You're probably a narcissist

Are you guilty of this social media sin?

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There are various ways to be an over-sharer on social media. Whether you’re super proud of your three-year-old’s every belch and scribble, or if you love making sure everyone knows just how damn amazing your holidays have been – we’re all guilty of it in some way.
But according to new research, there’s a certain kind of oversharing that reveals a startling thing about people’s personalities.
Brunel University London found that people who post about their diet and fitness regime are most likely to be narcissists, or in other words – be vain and egotistical.
Psychologists at the university collected data from over 500 Facebook users, examining personality traits and what motivated them to write about certain things in their status updates.
Each participant also had to complete online surveys that measured their self esteem, narcissism, and the ‘Big Five’ personality traits: extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.
And the results were clear. Narcissists posted more status updates about how much they worked out and what they ate, and were also more likely to brag about achievements – as they’re motivated by the need for attention and validation.