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‘Human Ken’ Rodrigo Alves says his face 'peeled off in big lumps' after latest procedure

The Brazilian has now undergone 51 cosmetic procedures.

A man known as 'Human Ken Doll' has spoken of the pain he endured following his latest plastic surgery – his 51st procedure.
Rodrigo Alves, 33, rose to prominence after featuring on the show Botched on E! He's spent £373,000 (approximately $640,000 NZD) on the surgeries in a bid to look like Ken.
However his face has recently started "peeling off in big lumps" following more procedures.
He spoke to the MailOnline about having a co2 resurfacing procedure just a few weeks after a face, neck and eye lift.
Alves told the MailOnline: "Three days after I had the c02 resurfacing done, my face started peeling off in big lumps and I couldn't go out into the sunlight, so that was hard."
"I had to cancel my attendance at Elton John's post-Oscars charity after party on Sunday due to the very invasive and aggressive work I had done."

However, it doesn't seem like the plastic surgery fanatic is going to stop anytime soon.
He said: "I feel good and I'm turning heads. The scars have reduced by 50% so I will get it done again in six months' time. I feel happy with how it went."
Last year Alves suffered from necrosis – a life threatening condition that kills cells in the body - after undergoing his seventh nose job. If left untreated, necrosis can spread to surrounding tissues and body parts.
He described how a hole started to appear and his new septum began to come loose, causing him to have trouble breathing.
The social media star then received a $100,000, publicly-funded nose job to reconstruct his damaged nose.
If you or someone you know is considering plastic surgery, please consult a health professional to discuss your options first.
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