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Homeless to hipster: Dramatic transformation humanises those living on the street

A man who has lived on the streets for 25 years has been given a mind-blowing transformation, thanks to one hair salon.

After living on the streets for 25 years, it's easy for homeless individuals to lose their sense of self, and even easier for the general public to forget their humanity.
A posh salon on the Spanish island of Majorca gave Jose Antonio a complete makeover, after he walked into the salon bearded, with long, straggly hair and dirty clothes.
The La Salvajeria salon kept Jose's reflection hidden throughout the process, so he couldn't see his new look taking shape.
But after washing, clipping and cutting away at Jose's hair and beard, his transformation was complete, and it brought him to tears.
The video of Jose's reaction to his transformed appearance has gone viral this week, that the salon released to celebrate their third anniversary in business.
Staring at himself in the mirror, Jose breaks down and says: "F*, my God, this is incredible, is this me?"
"I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am."
Jose was right. After sitting down at a local bar where the owners know him as a local homeless man, he was served a beer and treated like a complete stranger.
The former electrician ended up homeless after a long struggle with depression, he explained.
And since the video was shot (it was originally filmed in the summer of 2015), the good news is that Jose is off the streets and looking for work.
"It wasn't just a change of look. It changed my life. What I want now is a proper job."