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Hilarious viral interview sparks angry backlash

The BBC interview that had us in stitches over the weekend has evoked anger online.

Professor Robert Kelly went viral over the weekend, after his two children interrupted his live BBC interview on Korean politics.
And while most of us were amused by the footage, that shows Kelly's wife desperately trying to wrangle the children out of the room so he can continue the live broadcast, some viewers were less than pleased.
Critics were quick to slam the father, who is an expert on Korean politics, for 'pushing his daughter away' as she ran towards him.
Another attacked both parents, attacking the way the eldest was "pushed and pulled about."
Others wanted to talk about unconscious racial bias, because of the fact that the mum of the kids was assumed to be the nanny by many, simply because she was Asian.
Twitter user Jigme wrote: "Your racisn & prejudice is showing: The Asian woman in Prof Robert Kelly's BBC interview is not a nanny but his wife with their children."
Meanwhile Laurence Anholt simple said: "Shame Robert Kelly didn't calmly pick up those kids and sit them on his knee. Kids are part of life."