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Grieving mum shares photo of daughter’s car seat with a heartbreaking message

It’s a photo no parent should ever have to take.

Ellie Walton, was just four-months-old when she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. Despite undergoing 17 surgeries, 28 rounds of chemotherapy, and 42 days of radiation, Ellie died in January after putting up an incredible fight.
“Ellie is forever four,” reads the Facebook page dedicated to sharing Ellie's journey through childhood cancer.
In the wake of her daughter's passing, Sarah Walton took to social media once more to share the last time she would ever drive her daughter home.
The heartbreaking image shows Ellie’s ashes safely strapped into her car seat.
The cardboard box, a temporary fix while the family awaits the delivery of a custom urn, is decorated with crocheted flowers and a picture of little Ellie. It sits alongside a pair of purple and blue sunglasses, the young child’s favourite.
Mum Sarah, 28, posted a crushing note addressed to her daughter next to the image.
“You should be here,” the note began.
“Driving you home the other day, I was scared, but buckling you in felt normal. Even though none of this is normal, none of this is right. You should be here.”
“Death is so selfish baby girl. My heart is broken. I’m literally hurting and torn, I know you're in a better place, and yet no place is better than in my arms. I know you're happy and pain free, and yet I want you here.”

Despite her intense grief, Sarah says she would do it “over and over again.”
“You see baby girl, I would gladly take this pain over and over again, if it meant that I got to be your momma. Cause had I never known you, I would have never known pure happiness, I would have never known to live every moment as your last, and I would have never known what true bravery, strength, and courage looked like.”
Sarah concludes the note by vowing to work tirelessly in tribute to her daughter’s life.
“This will change baby girl, I will make it change. I never want another mom to feel this way, and I will fight for these other kids so that no other mom has to buckle in ashes of their babies,” Sarah writes.