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Cyclist shows amazing sportsmanship

“I didn’t want to win like that.”

Embodying the definition of sportsmanship, cyclist Agustin Navarro decided not to overtake competitor Ismael Esteban who was running the last 300 metres of their race with his bike on his shoulder after suffering a tire puncture.
Mr Esteban had been in third place for the majority of the Santa Barbara cyclo-cross race in Cantabria, northern Spain, and was only 300 metres from the finish line when his tyre gave out, The Daily Mail reports.
Shortly after he was forced to hoist his bike to his shoulder and start running to the finish line, Mr Navarro caught up with him, but in a touching move, slowed right down and let Mr Esteban finish the race in front of him.
Mr Navarro told a local paper, “I don’t want to win like that. To overtake him just before the finish line would have been unethical.”
Mr Esteban tried to return the favour by giving his bronze medal to Mr Navarro after the medal ceremony, but his opponent refused to accept the kind gesture.
“Offering me the prize was worth more than what I did for him.”

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