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Creepy clown craze twist: Batman has been sighted taking down clowns

The “Killer clown” craze just went all blockbuster movie with reports a man dressed as Batman has been seen chasing the clowns.

The creepy clown craze is sweeping the world – but there has been an unusual development in the story in one part of the UK. A man dressed as the superhero Batman has taken to the streets, vigilante style, to protect citizens from the clowns.
BBC Cumbria has reported this new twist quite beautifully:
“It appears a superhero has swooped in, determined to help youngsters sleep easy tonight. Cumbria Superheroes, a costume company, has sent ‘Batman’ out and about on the town’s streets to fight off the evil clowns. The man behind it insists he is not a vigilante, but is hoping to give children some reassurance that they are safe.”
And then they posted this on Facebook:
But while this is a bit of fun, there have been some serious reports arising from this craze. A woman was allegedly attacked in Hamilton by two clowns, and there are claims that a pregnant woman who was scared by a creepy clown went into premature labour.
The clown craze is gaining momentum in the UK. In London, reports include a clown confronting a man with a hockey stick, clowns chasing children and a knife-carrying clown on a bicycle following a woman.
Police in Kent, southern England said, they had 59 reports of incidents involving clowns between Friday and Monday.