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Fire warning issued over kids phone chargers

Kids charging multiple gadgets in their rooms could be a potential fire hazard, new study shows.

New research has found that more than half of children surveyed had left a smartphone, laptop or tablet charging on their beds - and two in five children slept with their phones charging under their pillows.
Fire experts warned that leaving devices to charge on bedding or under pillows meant there was nowhere for the generated heat to go could, leaving families open to the risk of a house fire.
Emma Apter, head of communications at British-based Electrical Safety First that conducted the study, said few people think about the problems that could occur if a device was left to charge surrounded by bedding or under pillows.
“Many parents are unaware of the electrical dangers in their children’s bedrooms and how one person’s bad habits could put the whole family at risk”, Ms Apter told the Telegraph.
The research also revealed that more than a quarter of children have used or bought a cheap, unbranded charger.
Electrical Safety First found these chargers often contained faulty parts that were at risk of overheating, could catch fire or even cause a fatal electrical shock.Figures show that on average kids have around ten electrical items in their bedrooms ranging from games consoles and smartphones to fairy lights and hair straighteners – around 25 per cent more than their parents owned growing up a generation ago.
Children might not be aware they could be putting their lives, or their families lives at risk by leaving their devices on charge overnight in areas where they could smoulder and cause a fire.