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Missing boy sparked police hunt before being found under his bed

Police called in a helicopter and dog team, but he had been hiding under their noses the entire time.

A UK boy sparked a police operation after he went missing before school, but was later found hiding under his bed by a search team.
Michelle Dinning entered her nine-year-old son Josh’s room earlier this week to wake him up in time for school, but her son appeared to have vanished overnight.
Panicked, Dinning, 49, called the police, who then called in a force helicopter and dog section to search for the missing boy.
According to Yahoo! News, police searched the family home, before taking their search to the streets.
As the search grew, spreading across nearby bushes, outbuilding and gardens, Dinnning’s worried neighbours handed out pictures of Josh at the local shops.
And while fears of the boys whereabouts mounted, little did the police, or the concerned mother-of-eight, know that Josh was actually still at home – hiding underneath his bed.
Four hours into the search, police returned to the Dinning’s family home to see if they had missed anything in their initial search.
Well, it seems they did.
As reported by Yahoo! News, apparently Josh had crawled through a tiny gap in the bottom of his wooden bed frame, out of sight from anyone quickly peering beneath his bed.
“I could hear people looking for me and I thought I had better stay quiet because when they found me I would get shouted and bawled at so I just stayed where I was,” Josh explained.
Josh's mum, while embarrassed by the fuss, was happy to have her boy back.
“I just couldn't bring myself to be angry with him, the relief that he was alive and well was just too much,” Dinning said. "Even the police officer who was leading the search was in tears."
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