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Woman widowed just weeks after giving birth to eight child

Cloe Green was just 27 years old when she lost her husband.

Cloe wants to build a garden for her children. Photo via Go Fund Me.

A mum of eight children has spoken about her heartbreak at becoming a widow just weeks after she and her husband welcomed their youngest child.

Cloe Green, from Wales, has eight kids aged under nine, including three suffering from cerebral palsy.

She became a widow at just 27, when her childhood sweetheart, husband James, died in his sleep in December 2015 – just 12 weeks after she gave birth to their youngest child, Elijah.

“It was so sudden and so shocking. To think James won’t be here to see the large family he wanted so much grow up breaks my heart,” she told the Daily Mail.

“When it happened I wanted to cry – but I looked at those eight little faces all depending on me and I knew I had to do this for them and for James.”

James with his seven oldest children. Photo via Go Fund Me.

She says the hardest thing was telling their children, children Leo, nine, Levi, six, Oliver, five, Megan, four, Miley, three, Lacey, two, Lexi, 20 months and Elijah, now 11 months, that their dad had died.

Now, Cloe is desperate to continue what James had started, and has appealed for donations to help finish transforming her garden into a place for her kids to play and be happy.

Cloe wants to build a garden for her children. Photo via Go Fund Me.

“My husband was an amazing dad and did so much with the children,” she wrote.

“I would love for [the children] to have a garden they can actually go out in. I think they all really deserve this too. But with maintaining the property and paying the mortgage as well as looking after the 8 children it is near impossible for me to save to get it done anytime soon.”

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