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Where are they now: transgender couple’s pregnancy plans

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It’s a story that got controversial TV star Paul Henry extremely excited.

The former Breakfast host spoke about Ryan and Brooklynne Kennedy’s love story on the popular morning show, describing it as a “local gem” and “why women’s magazines exist”.

What got Paul so enraptured was the fact that Ryan (34) used to be a woman and transformed into a man, and Brooklynne (28), was born male and transformed into a woman.

Brookelynne told the Weekly that she had found her soulmate.

“When we met, we were on level playing fields. He sees me as a woman and I see him as a man. I never think “oh, that’s my husband who used to be a woman.”

The Wellington couple married two years ago and, like many newlyweds, dreamed of the pitter-patter of tiny feet soon after.

Although they both take hormones to maintain their new genders, they have never had gender reassignment surgery, meaning they can still biologically have children together.

Ryan says that he and Brooklynne are looking forward to starting their family but are postponing baby plans for now.

Ryan, who works for the Green Party, says next year’s general election has meant putting their family dream on hold, as he needs to concentrate on the party’s campaign. once the election is over, however, they’ll carry on trying.

They received great feedback after the story and adds that Ryan was hugely surprised when outspoken TV host Paul became one of their biggest fans.

“People would tell us it was really good. Everything has been positive.”

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