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When painters use the wrong colour

Is half-price a fair deal for getting the colour wrong?
When painters use the wrong colour

We recently had our kitchen painted by a professional painter. He did a good job overall, but instead of painting the main wall Resene Akaroa, he painted it Resene Half Akaroa, which is a slightly lighter colour. He admits the mistake and says he’s prepared to take 50% off the price. But I want him to repaint the wall the right colour. He says if that’s what I want, he cannot do the repaint job for at least four months due to prior client commitments. Is that fair?

You have every right to demand the wall be painted the colour you asked for. And because the error was his, the painter should contact his other customers and tell them he has been delayed on your job. You should not have to wait for months for him to put his mistake right. If you have not paid for his work, hold off paying him until he has done the repaint. If he insists he can’t do it for four months, tell him you will employ another painter and deduct the cost from his payment. But there’s another way of looking at it. Consider carefully whether the shade he has put on your wall isn’t close enough to be satisfactory. Give it a week or two and see if you get used to it. Get opinions from others who might not have that sense of disappointment

that you rightly have. The lighter shade might work just as well. If it does, you will save yourself a significant amount of money with the 50% off deal. But if, after two weeks, you still want the original colour, you have a right to it, and soon.

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