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What's the hardest part of being a woman?

What's the hardest thing about being a woman?
Women have been sharing what they think the hardest thing about being female is, as part of a forum on Reddit.
From being scared to go hiking alone, to being overlooked in the working world, hundreds have flocked to the website to share what they think is the main downside of being a woman.
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Being overlooked
“Honestly, I would say that it isn't being taken seriously. If I look at males in my field, it appears that they have to work a lot less at managing perceptions.”
Some women said having to look a certain way is the hardest part
Feeling unsafe
“Being nervous about going walking, biking, hiking or camping by myself in benign places that guys probably wouldn't give a thought to.”
Having to look a certain way
“The expectation of wearing makeup to look professional. If you were to wear a professional outfit, say, a pantsuit or a nice dress; it appears incomplete without makeup or hair done. Natural curly hair is also viewed as unprofessional. Women have to invest so much more time into their appearance just to appear "professional."”
Being cat called
“Having adult men make sexual comments to you as a child. I have been followed and heckled by men when travelling to and from school, in my school uniform. Strangely I don't get it now as an adult, but wtf as a 13 year old I could not walk past a white van or building site without comments.
Legitimate opinions, annoyances and concerns are dismissed as 'being emotional'. Yet when men get angry or moody no one questions it.”
Some said issues surrounding pregnancy and work were the hardest
Not being taken seriously
“Men are assumed to be competent until they prove that they aren't; women are assumed to be incompetent until they prove that they are. It's really tough to get past that barrier in a lot of places, especially the workforce or in fields that are not traditionally 'feminine'.”
Being seen as a sexual object
“I think for me, the hardest part is the intense pressure to be sexually attractive, and almost always having the way I look weigh more heavily than my intellect or character regarding others' opinion of my worth.
I have noticed that my weight and level of physical attractiveness matter far more to others than any other aspect of who I am. How 'f--kable' I am generally determines how worthy people feel I am of being treated with kindness and respect; as a reasonably bright and ambitious woman, I feel profoundly degraded and insulted by that. This is not only true in almost every romantic situation, but also in the workforce, platonic friendships, and the public sphere.”
Motherhood being the business of everyone
“I have been flat out asked about my reproductive plans during interviews.”
Some said they hated the hostility towards feminists
Being a woman always being pointed out
“Having virtually everything one does be preceded by the fact you're a woman. Example: You're not a programmer, you're a female programmer. Certain women find benefits in accepting this sort of labelling, but it exists whether you like it or not. My gender has nothing to do with the quality of my work. It actually has very little to do with anything.”
The feminism trap
“The fact that sexism is alive and well, but we can't bring it up without some guy rolling his eyes and thinking that we're just femi-nazis looking for special treatment.”
Male friendship problems
“Losing friends every time you get in a relationship, because it turns out half your male friends are only your friends in the chance they might get laid.”
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