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What to do if you receive unsolicited goods

What happens when an unexpected box arrives on your doorstep?
What to do if you receive unsolicited goods

I recently received a parcel of unsolicited goods by courier to my home address with my phone number also on the envelope. The letter says the goods were sent to me for a trial of 12 months and I will be charged for the year. Where did they get my details from, because I did not send them to anyone. Do I have to do anything? Should I return the goods. I have no intention of keeping this product.

You are under no obligation to do anything. If salespeople send you unsolicited goods, it is their problem. But if I were you, I would send an email or phone the firm and tell them that you have no interest in their product and they are invited to come pick the parcel up. This reduces the risk of any misunderstandings that could involve you in issues further down the track. Email is better because then you have a written record of your contact with them. I don’t think you should have to return the goods because that would be a cost to you. Leave everything to them.

As for how they got your details, including your phone number, I’m afraid the days of keeping those details private are over. Many of the businesses you have forwarded your name, address and phone number to will be on-selling those details to other enterprises who feel they can make good use of them. I know it’s shabby, but the horse has well and truly bolted in that department. Probably in the tiny print of letters or contracts with those companies you did business with was a line advising you that they reserve the right to on-sell your details – unless you advise them not to. Hopefully, they will give you the goods they have sent you and leave it at that.

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