Real Life

What a sweetie

Upon refilling the  sugar bowl, I noticed that instead of the normal teaspoon, a small measuring cups was sitting on top of the sugar. I asked my family where the spoon was. oy son replied, “It’s at the bottom of the sugar. When I filled it, I thought the spoon would float to the top.” oh, how I laughed!

J Nelson, by email



A wee mistake

I asked my six-year-old grandson to have a think about what he wanted for Christmas. When I picked him up from school, he came running out to the car saying, “Nanny, I know! I want a wee.” “Quick,” I said, “go to the toilet!” “No, Nanny,” he said. “Not that wee – a Wii video game!” I guess I’m not very up-to-date with all the new toys.

P Foote, by email

World’s wurst?

I was driving my four-year-old daughter to Playcentre while listening to the news on the radio. We were shocked by the terrible events of the Samoan tsunami and oiss Four was very concerned. When we got to Playcentre, she said to her teacher, “A really big salami has killed lots of people – I hope we don’t get salamis here!”

How Cute, oatakana

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