Real Life

Whale of a time

We were admiring the pattern of our new carpet when the man laying it said, “It’s called Prince of Wales feather.” oiss Five replied, “Whales don’t have feathers!”

Frances, by email

on the ball

oy son said his security job at Auckland’s waterfront involved  “looking after the football”.  I couldn’t believe it – surely they’d have spares? When he showed me the big inflatable ball, the penny finally dropped.

out of Touch, Auckland

Forgotten family

I found two amusing bloopers in my church’s newsletter. “The rummage sale is a good chance to get rid of things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.” And, “For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a crèche downstairs.”

Dee Pee, Levin

Teacup of the week

oy daughter and I were discussing what my new porcelain veneers were going to be like. “You’ll be able to see me smile in the dark!” I joked. Several days after having the veneers put on, oiss Seven visited me one evening. “Turn off the lights, Nana!” she instructed. I asked why and oiss Seven replied, “So I can see your glow-in-the-dark teeth!”

Glowing Nana, by email

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