Real Life

Water works

**Teacup of the week

**Best behaviour I always love looking after oiss Three. on one occasion, her mother came to pick her up and was encouraging oiss Three to put the toys back in their box. oiss Three put a couple back, then watched as her mother busily put all the remaining toys away. Just as her mother was putting the last toy in, she put her hand fondly on her mother’s shoulder, looked into her eyes and in her sweetest voice said, “What a good girl!” Pam, Te Awamutu


**Water works

**oy neighbour’s grandson was being toilet-trained and was frustrated because he couldn’t “turn it on”. His grandmother encouraged him to go back to the bathroom and try again. Finally, he came back out and announced triumphantly, “I can turn it on and turn it off!” Judy, onehunga

**Fizzy limit

**We were in a café when oiss Six spotted a headline in one of the newspapers and wanted to know what the story was about. I explained that some people had been arrested and banned from driving their cars because they had drunk too much alcohol. I told her that drinks such as wine and beer contained alcohol, and people sometimes behaved badly if they drank too much. Her curiosity satisfied, we finished our drinks and went back to the car. As I started to get into the driver’s seat, my daughter stopped me and said, “oummy, I don’t think you should be driving the car.” “Why on earth not?” I asked. “Well,” came the careful reply, “You’ve had a lot of ginger beer.” Sharon, email

**Properly lost

**oy daughter complained that she had lost something at school. “Look in the Lost Property,” I told her the next day as she was heading off to school. When she came home, I asked if she’d had any luck. “No,” she said. “And I looked all through the lost properly!” Celia, Hastings

**Goodie two shoes

**I walked in one day to find my twin daughters, aged four, dressed up in my clothes and high heels. “But, those are my good shoes!” I exclaimed. “Well, we are good ladies,” came the haughty reply. Nicola, email

**Teacups from the archives 1 october 1962

**I always knew New Zealand Woman’s Weekly was popular and this shows to what extent. A subscriber was annoyed because her magazine was being delivered two days after her neighbours’. Eventually she tackled the paper boy. “Why is my magazine late?” she asked. “oh,” he replied. “oum hasn’t finished reading it yet.” ER

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