Real Life

Trotting along

**Teacup of the week 

**While visiting New York, oaster Five became fascinated by the Empire State Building, so we decided to take him up for a treat one weekend. We went up all 86 floors to the observatory deck and admired the incredible view. oaster Five looked around with confusion and asked, “oum, I can see the Chrysler Building, but where’s the Empire State Building?” An innocent comment that sparked a lot of laughter from the surrounding crowd. Chriss, Picton


**Trotting along

**I was reading the racing page in the newspaper when oiss Eight peered over my shoulder and asked, “Nana, why are all those people in wheelchairs being pulled along by horses?” ors Brooks, Auckland

on a full stomach I was very full after a Sunday roast and lay down in front of the fire to rest. oiss Five, freshly bathed, bounded into the room in her pyjamas and lay down on top of me for a cuddle. “Hmm,” she said. “I think I might sleep on you, Aunty!” “How come?” I asked. “Because you are nice and soft and squishy, just like a bed!” oh, dear. No more gravy for me! Aunty T, Taranaki

**Sour puss

**oy cat Paddy has some jealousy issues. When my boyfriend and I started getting serious about one another, Paddy began spraying on my boyfriend’s side of the bed. That lasted for six long months, but then all was well for the next two years

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