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Touching image of policeman comforting abandoned kid goes viral

How cute is this?
Policeman comforting sick kid

Policeman comforting sick kid

A touching photo of a police officer comforting a young child has gone viral this month.

Officer James Hurst, from Savannah-Chatham Met Police, found a little boy abandoned outside a local hospital.

To comfort him while he had his first medical examination, the officer never left his side.

And when the boy started to cry, the police officer comforted him the only way he knew how – by hugging him until he fell asleep.

In an interview with KTLA news, Hurst says he simply did what came naturally.

The Facebook post has had over 11,000 likes since it was published earlier this May, with plenty of well-wishers thanking the officer for going above and beyond the call of duty.

“Police officers do NOT get paid enough for what they do. I give them kudos to everything they do and provide for others. They also have family at home waiting for them,” wrote Facebook user Tammi.

Meanwhile Sara Kraai revealed that Officer Hurst routinely performs acts of kindness such as this to help those in need.

“I cannot disclose certain information due to my job and the role I play in the public eye. But out of the countless times I have seen officer hurst out on the streets, every single time he has gone above and beyond his line of duty. In both social and critical situations he’s defiantly the top SCMPD office that

I would want at my scene. If any of you get the opportunity to meet him please shake his hand, he’s definitely a deserving soul.”

We love this guy!

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