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This 70-year-old pole dancer will blow your mind

This has got to be seen to be believed.

She might be 70, but that’s not stopping performer Tomoko from doing her thing.
Appearing on Italia’s Got Talent, the Japanese woman greeted judges before surprising them with an absolutely incredible routine.
While the judges seemed openly sceptical of the 70-year-old when she appears on stage, she quickly proves them wrong as she pole dances like a true pro.
As she starts her routine, it seems as if she is going into a traditional Japanese dance, but after she takes off her kimono, the true nature of the performance is revealed.
Swinging gracefully and nimbly around the pole, Tomoko could be mistaken for a woman a third of her age.
Tomoko's performance stunned the audience
The judges look understandably gobsmacked as they watch Tomoko’s performance, and even give her a standing ovation at the end.
The Japanese native, who moved to Italy 43 years ago, explained to judges that she used to work as a singer and an actress in her younger years.
“You have an amazing body” one judge comments. “Full of harmony.”
And while Tomoko jokes that she still can’t grasp Italian verbs, a judge replies: “Who cares about verbs when your spine is flexible as a worm?”