Real Life

That bites

oy friend’s five-year-old grandson had lost his first tooth. “Granny, I put my tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy took it and left money!” “Well, you’re lucky, Cameron,” my friend said. “I had seven teeth out last week and the tooth fairy didn’t leave me anything.” Cameron pondered this and said, “Well, Granny, that’s probably because your teeth were old and manky.”

Norma, Rangiora

oanner of speaking

Last Easter the whole family – including our one-year-old granddaughter – attended a large Easter service. We were a little concerned as to how she would behave, but our fears were unfounded as she behaved very well. on driving home I said to her, “Thank you for being such a good girl in church today,” to which she replied, “You’re welcome!” Priceless. Needless to say we all had a bit of a chuckle.

Nana Lee, by email

Teacup of the week

I was visiting my sister with my younger brother for a few days. Unfortunately, she had been involved in a car accident, which required several stitches in her forehead. on arriving home, my brother, excited by our trip, proceeded to tell the family what we had done. Then he exclaimed loudly that his sister had “schnitzels in her head”. They all looked puzzled, so I informed them about what had happened and that we had eaten schnitzels for tea the night before we left.

D Skipwith, Rotorua

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