Real Life

Tempting fate

oiss Eight has a knack for mixing up sayings. Upon hearing about good and bad karma, she warned us to be careful, saying sternly, “You don’t want to get bad korma!”

ors Frith, by email

Chain reaction

oiss Four ran into the room saying, “Poppa, come quick! Nana is cutting the meat with a chain saw!” It was my electric carving knife.

Janice, by email

You chews

oy husband was complaining of a headache, so I told him to take painkillers, leaving two on the bench before going out. When I returned, he still had a headache. “Why didn’t you take the pills?” I asked, seeing them still on the bench. “I did,” he said. He had accidentally taken two pieces of chewing gum I left next to them.

D Jeffery, by email

Teacup of the week

on a recent trip to my daughter and son-in-law’s lifestyle block, my four-year-old grandson posed an interesting question.

He asked me curiously, “Nana, have you seen all of the horny cows across the road?” Taken aback by his comment, Ireplied, “Really? How do you know that?” He threw his hands up in the air and sighed, “Nana, they have huge horns, go and have a look for yourself!”

Valda, oosgiel

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