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Teacup of the week

oy great-granddaughter was staying with me at the time her other great-grandmother passed away. We went to her house the next day, and her coffin was brought home and put in her room. While in the lounge, the boy from next door came to see if my granddaughter wanted to play. She said, “I can’t, we’ve got a dead mamma here.” He stared at me. My granddaughter scolded, “Not her, that’s a live one!”

The Live Nana, Whangarei

A tissue!

I asked my six-year-old grandson if he had got over his hay fever. oany of us in rural areas have been suffering from it lately with the hay making going on, and the privet trees have also been blooming. He replied, “Yes, I’ve stopped bless-you-ing, Nana.” I laughed when he said this, because every time he sneezes, he says, “Bless you me.”

L Stevens, Pokeno

Colour me upset

I was playing with my daughter (then 2), asking her, “What colour is my shirt?” She’d look and respond, “Black,” So I’d continue, “What colour is my hair?” “Brown,”; “What colour is the sky?” “Blue,” and then, “What colour are my teeth?” She stared at my smile and then exclaimed, “Yellow!” I laid off the tea and coffee after that.

Haylee, by email

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