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Surrogate mum keeps baby after parents tell her to abort

What a wonderful story of hope.

Delaney Skye
When Andrea Ott-Dahl’s friends had trouble conceiving on their own, she volunteered to surrogate for them.
This alone is a pretty amazing thing to do for another human being, but what the San Francisco local did next was out of this world.
After successfully getting pregnant with a little girl, Andrea’s friends were understandably ecstatic that they had a bundle of joy on the way.
But after doctors noticed some irregularities on the ultrasound, they realised the unborn child had Down Syndrome, and would likely be born blind, deaf and severely autistic. Heart-breakingly, they said the child might not survive at all.
Devastated by the news, Andrea’s friends decided they did not want the potential heartbreak and complications accompanying the child, and told her to terminate the pregnancy. A situation which left Andrea and her wife Keston in total anguish.
Via Delaney Skye's Facebook page
Andrea couldn’t do it. After much legal wrangling, being told that it "wasn't her decision," and plenty of soul searching, Andrea gave birth to baby Delaney Skye.
She came into the world and was up against the odds for a while, with some doctors prepared for the worst. But to her parents' joy, Delaney was home within five days, joining her brother and sister. Now a toddler, her smile is enough to light up your entire day and give you hope about raising a child with Down Syndrome.
Her parents now campaign to raise awareness for the realities of Down Syndrome, and for better education on the subject for pregnant mothers.
They have written a book about their experiences, and frequently post updates on their Facebook page about Delaney's progress.
“Delaney taught me I can be a better person,” said wife Keston.