Real Life

She’s all ears

oy sister rings our 84-year-old mother every morning. one day she thought oum had her on speakerphone, so asked her to turn it off. “You’re not on speakerphone,” mum said. “Yes I am, it’s all echoey!” my sister replied.

Then she started laughing.

“I just realised I’m holding the phone upside down! Earpiece to my mouth, mouthpiece to my ear!”

Lynda, by email

Have a crack at it

I was putting sunscreen on my four-year-old grandson’s face while we were on holiday in Samoa. He asked me,

“Nana, can I put sunscreen on your face to cover your cracks?” I tell you, Nana and Poppa couldn’t stop laughing for ages. What’s more, the rest of our group heard his comments too and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

ooira, by email

Teacup of the week

I was visiting my in-laws last week and we were all enjoying a good meal when oiss Three rather loudly passed wind, to put it politely. “What was that noise?” her grandmother asked.

With a cheeky look on her face she turned her head, threw her hands out to the sides as if to say, “Not sure,” and then announced, “Maybe it was thunder!” Needless to say, we were all in hysterics.

Kate, Whangarei

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