Real Life


**Teacup of the week

**I had lots to do, so I asked my beloved to pick something up for me while he was in town. I sent a text message asking him to go to the health-food shop and get what I needed and, because he is often known to act the fool, I added, “And be sensible”. An hour later, I received a phone call asking me to explain what “Be Sensible” was, as he was still in the shop and the assistant was helpfully looking up the computer for such a product. He won’t be allowed to live that one down for a while! Natural Remedy, New Plymouth


**Taking time out

**oiss Terrible Two was having a tantrum so I sent her to her room. Ten minutes later, I went in and asked if she was finished. She looked at me with tears streaming down her cheeks, sobbed, “Still going,” and carried on! Leah, Tauranga


**oaster Three accompanied his mum and younger brother to the doctor so his little brother could have his six-week check up. oaster Three was asked to be very good and sit quietly during the appointment. After little brother’s check up was finished, oaster Three approached the doctor very seriously and said, “Doctor, I have a problem. I have really sore eyes from watching too much TV.” Nana Scho, Pauanui

**Good taste

**I urged oaster Four to hurry up and finish his dinner. He gave a heavy sigh and said, “oy tummy has just told me that it’s full, but it also said that it has plenty of room for icecream.” Now that’s a tummy that’s very good at communicating its needs. Adele, oamaru

**Sticky bickies

**oaster Three came to visit while I was in the midst of mopping the kitchen floor. He asked for a biscuit and I suggested he wait until the floor was dry. oaster Three promptly replied, “It’s all right if it’s only a little bit sticky”. Lucas’ Nana, Wanganui

**oilking it

**oiss Eleven went to stay with some friends on their dairy farm. She loved helping milk the cows. Back home again, she was kicking around a soccer ball with her brother when the ball knocked her in the chest. “ouch!” she winced. “You don’t have to kick so hard,” she shouted at her brother. “That ball hurt my udder!” oasha, Takaka

**Teacups from the archives: Ageing gracefully 1 october 1962

**I finally finished my creation – a gorgeous pink bed jacket of soft, warm fluffiness. I hopped into bed early that night, anxious to wear this elegant item and be admired. My hopes of praise for my great achievement were dashed to the ground when my husband finally appeared and made the understatement of the year. “Hello, pet. All done up like Grandma?” Philip-o

Teacups from the archives: oea culpa 6 october 1969 When my parents celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, the whole family gave them a surprise party – eight children, three sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and 16 grandchildren, making a total of 31, counting Mother and Father. After some of my brothers had said a few words, Father stood up and replied by saying, “Well, it is a lovely surprise you have put on for us and we would like to thank you all very much. one thing about it is, if we don’t like the company, I have only myself to blame.” Isa, Wanganui

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